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About the founder

Marie-Pier is an aromatherapist, reflexologist, entrepreneur and the founder of Tülu Wellness. It is her passion to help others live the lives they love, with all their health and happiness!

She originally hail from Rimouski, Québec. She found my second home in the mountains of British Columbia 18 years ago when she moved to Whistler. Currently, she is based out of Castlegar, where she spend her free time in the mountains. 

Marie-Pier’s impeccable love for nature stems from valuable memories of her childhood & early teachings from her family, particularly her Grandmother. Implementing these lessons, her devotion stems from the deep understanding that Mother Nature is the natural ruler of healing (mental, spiritual & physical). Inspired by the mountains of B.C, Canada and the beautiful coastlines of Bali, Indonesia, Tülu blends these inspirations within the brand. Tülu is an honest reflection of Marie-Pier, a driving force of education, sustainability and an advocate for wellness. Offering more of what the world needs!

Meaning behind 'Tülu'


The Indian (holy) basil plant, sacred to Lord Vishnu, most divine. Restores the balance between good and evil. Protection; brings success, good health, prosperity, happiness, and peace.



Is a Hindi name for well-traveled girl's name. “leaping water, tranquil, or mountain peak, to be tranquil” Meaning balance from the word Tulasana. Water being essential to all living things. In native american it derives fomr Tallulah meaning She is a woman · She is “excellent” or, of “noble character” · She is rare · She is priceless



Is one or something that is remarkable or wonderful.

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