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Become a collaboration partner for Tülu Wellness



We collaborate with partners from different areas of wellness to expand the reach to our target audience and boost awareness. We partner with local makers, beauty vloggers, wellness influencers, mom bloggers, nutritionists, fitness trainers, naturopaths, and other holistic practitioners. These partnerships can lead to many benefits for both parties, it's a win-win for all players in the game.

How can you collaborate with us:

- Write a blog for us.

- Feature us in your blog.

- Post about Love & Lemons on your social channels.

- Make a video or reel about us. 

- Create a product with us. 


Some perks of collaborating with us include:

- Help spread health, wellness, and happiness.

- Grow your brand and business with exposure to our community through our site, email, and social channels.

- Enjoy exclusive benefits and products.

- Get a platform to share your expertise.

Fill up the form below to collaborate with us. We'll be in touch shortly.








































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