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Personal Aromatherapy Consultation 


If you want to use essential oils more extensively to support your health and wellness, our certified aromatherapist can help devise custom blends and personalized recommendations to suit your needs.

Enhance your life with aromatherapy

Book your session today to learn how aromatherapy can support your everyday life.

60-minute Consultation


Discover how aromatherapy can help you manage your health in a more natural way through an individual consultation with our aromatherapy practitioner.

What to Expect

We'll start by collecting pertinent health information and building your client profile. Then you'll receive a custom treatment plan with personalized blends and recommendations tailored to your specific needs and wellness goals. 


The fee of a 60-minute individual consultation is $75. Please note that if any products are created especially for you, the cost of products, plus any shipping and handling will be added to the Consultation Fee.

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