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Say hello to Tamanu Oil, one of the world’s best kept beauty secrets. Pressed from the fruit kernels of the sacred Tamanu Nut Tree, this rich, green oil is packed with nutrients and potent therapeutic properties. Also called ‘beauty leaf oil’ or ‘green gold’, Tamanu Oil has long been used in the medicinal practices of certain Southeast Asian, Pacific Island and African communities. 


Tamanu Oil has strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and antibiotic elements. Deliciously rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, Tamanu Oil is renowned for its ability to promote healthy skin. It is touted as a natural remedy for acne, scrapes, sores, boils, burns, psoriasis, dry skin, dark spots, eczema and insect bites. This restorative oil is said to promote moisture retention and collagen production, regenerate skin cells and speed up wound healing. Thanks to its conditioning and nourishing qualities, Tamanu Oil can help give you the shiny, lustrous mane you’ve always wanted. This miraculous healer is believed to hydrate, encourage hair growth, boost volume and relieve an irritated scalp. 

Organic Tamanu oil (Calophyllum inophyllum)


Aroma: Woody, rich, fresh and spicy

Size: 100 ml

Extraction method: Extraction by cold pressing of both the fruit and seed

Origin: Madagascar

Quality: 100% Pure 

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