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Ylang Ylang is an evergreen tree native to tropical rainforests, celebrated for its star-shaped flowers that produce a vibrant essential oil through steam distillation.

The sweet and exotic fragrance of Ylang Ylang is a key ingredient in luxury perfumes. Diffuse its sensual scent in your bedroom or use it in massage oil to create a romantic ambiance. Add Ylang Ylang to your perfume, bath, or soap to uplift your spirits and add a touch of luxury.


Ylang Ylang essential oil can also be a valuable addition to skincare routines, helping to balance oil production and soothe the skin. In hair care, it can support a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth. Whether used in perfumes, skincare, or hair care, Ylang Ylang brings a touch of tropical elegance to your daily routine.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)


Aroma: Sweet, rich and floral.

Size: 15 ml/ 0.51 fl.oz

Extraction method: Steam distillation of the freshly picked flowers.

Origin: Madagascar

Quality: 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade and Organic essential oil.

Properties: Aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, cicatrizant, stimulant to the circulatory system, nervine, sedative and tonic.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Vetiver and all citrus oils. 

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