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Four Seasons Boxes
$ 80

New subscribers? You will receive the September box if you subscribe now!

Imagine receiving a box filled with incredible products to support you on your wellbeing  journey each quarter of the year?  Pretty Incredible, isn’t it!

That’s exactly why we’ve created the Four Seasons experience.

It’s a seasonally curated wellbeing box that is filled with carefully selected local products and essential oils to support you on your well being journey.

Each box has a value of $80 and you are able to purchase a box without obligation to continue. You can unsubscribe whenever you want. Just subscribe, put your feet up and receive one box each quarter starting this September

Who’s ready?

Four Seasons boxes options:

- $80 for one month only

- $72 PER BOX ( Two times a year)

- $64 PER BOX (Four times a year - every 3 months: December, March, June & September.

Subscription Box

All boxes will be delivered by the 15th of each month.

Subscribing after the cut off date?

No worries, you will simply receive the current box later that month.

Note that additional subscription boxes can be purchased anytime.  



What are the advantages of a monthly subscription?

1) You save on the cost of each product. Basically, you get a lot more for your money! Who doesn’t like that!

2)  These are exclusive products each month. The items will not be sold on our website until, excluding some of our products that will be available months following the box release. At times, you will be able to receive one of our favourite products sold in store, plus exclusive products. Who doesn't love surprises!

3)  The goal of these boxes is to allow you to discover other Canadian brands, explore what we have to offer, and also take care of yourself. Treat yo’self!

4) You are worried you may not like what is in the box? Each item can make a wonderful gift for someone you love.

What happens if I no longer want to receive seasonal boxes?

Please note that you will not be refunded for the subscription once purchased, but will be unsubscribed from any future subscriptions. The quarterly plan for each type of subscription is automatically renewed. Please unsubscribe if you choose to no longer perceive the boxes.


When will the boxes be delivered?

Our boxes will be delivered on the first of each month of December, March, June and September.

How are products chosen?

We choose our products very carefully, create exclusive offers, which means that items will not be available on our website until released of the boxes. We also work with other companies that align with our core values. 

What’s to expect in each box?

- You will get to discover 4 to 6 products per month (bath, shower, health, body, well-being, decoration, service, book or any cute items we know you will love)

How does the subscription work?

The product will automatically be delivered to your home according to the schedule above. Without obligation, it is possible to modify or cancel the subscription at any time.

Have any questions, requests or comments?  Please email us here:

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