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Chase your dreams

Launching a new hustle is not just the pursuit of our biggest dreams, but long sleepless nights, using your brain a lot and keeping your creativity in high gear with new ideas arising all the time. One day you wake up with new opportunities arising. Many ideas come to mind and you decide to go for it and if only it would be that simple. The idea seems to be easy right?! On the other end, the story is not that simple. Building a dream takes dedication, hard work, sacrifices. Fear kicks in high gear and sure your brain is going at 100 miles an hour. When building a new business, of course the idea must be there, but sometimes we forget what it takes to get there and actually make it happen.

One day I woke up and decided that my life will be different. Love and Lemons is now my 3rd business and still to this day I am learning and looking at my business from such a different angle. I learned so much from my mistakes, that now I want it to be perfect. I wanted it to be me and reflect truly who I am.

Growing Love and Lemons has been so gratifying and will continue to be, but this was bigger than the vision I had and so much I wasn’t aware of getting myself in this new venture.

In 2021, I want to encourage you to follow your heart and chase your biggest dreams even if this sounds scary at times. Create the impossible and make magic happen. You are capable of anything you desire the most in life, you simply need to BELIEVE.

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