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The Art of Self-Care through Yoga

This month I wanted to offer you something a little different, as I’m one of those people in love with learning and growth, and thought you might be too. April often breezes in with a sense of creation and possibility in a direction that can feel new and exciting. I asked a good friend of mine to share a little bit about her self-care journey as a yoga teacher and altogether holistic practitioner and inspiring woman and mother.

Here’s what she wrote:

"The past few years have been a deep dive into our individual healing, and ultimately our own shadows. As the world was scrambling, we were often left in more quiet and solitude than ever before in our lives. As we begin to emerge in a very different world, we recognize that we too have changed. My journey with yoga as a student and teacher has always been passionately aware of the ever-changing nature of life. Sadly, most of us weren’t taught to embrace change or how to define our sense of self as we grow. I see an opportunity though to take the lessons we learned individually, and be bold. Yoga has shown me that my vulnerability and willingness to free myself from my own judgments (and others’, thank you Covid) was actually my freedom. I accept that I make mistakes like everyone, and I trust that I have the ability to catch myself through anything life brings me. These are powerful lessons that I learned through struggle, and being with myself unconditionally.

I don’t assume yoga is for everyone if it doesn’t resonate, but what is essential is prioritizing a relationship with yourself. Whether you do that through reading, snowboarding, karaoke, or origami, it is equally valid. Our bodies, minds, and souls are the pillars to the kind of life we are able to live, and no part of ourselves should be neglected. Luckily, we live in a time where we can access people, products, and techniques such as aromatherapy that intuitively speak to our wellbeing. After all we’ve been through, be bold with the way you take care of yourself and choose to live your life. One of my favourite yoga sayings says it all: The longest journey you will ever make is the distance between your heart and your head.




3 Ways to Give Yourself a Little TLC

Enjoy any of these 3 additions to your self-care routine if you are ready to add a little more TLC to your mind, body, and soul.

1. Oil of the Month: 20% off Lemon for the first week of April, or free all month with the purchase of $150.00 or more.

2. Our Spring Box: 1x New Woodland Bug Spray 1x Rose essential oil roller with jojoba oil 1x Geranium and Rosemary bath bomb 1x Lavender and Black Spruce Soy Wax candle

3. Yoga Eye pillow: Enjoy 15% off your eye pillow for those long savasana rests or to support your meditation practice. The added weight of a pillow helps to soothe the brain from activity and stimulate relaxation. The aroma from the dried valerian and lavender inner filling soothes your senses further. Add an extra drop or two of lavender oil for even more aroma and clarity.


Essential Oils for Yoga and My Personal Favourite

There are a few timeless smells for Nathalie that send her into a space and time that help her relax. Growing up on the west coast of British Columbia, she finds the smell of cedar oil extremely comforting. When she want to meditate or clear her mind, she will add a drop of lavender or lemongrass to her temples to relax and sink even deeper into meditation. Here are few essential oil you could add to your yoga routine:

  • FRANKINCENSE (All chakras): Helps promote peace and calm.

  • ROSE (Heart chakra): Strengthens heart connection, trust, and self-worth.

  • YLANG YLANG (Sacral and solar): Reduces tension, helps release anger and negative emotions.

  • PEPPERMINT (Root, solar): Stimulates, and energizing to the mind. Helps with better breathing.

  • BLACK SPRUCE (Solar plexus, throat, and 3rd eye): Grounding and energizing, helps to release tension and promote cleansing and communication of our inner feelings. Brings clarity and objectivity to help go with the flow.

  • LAVENDER (Throat, heart, and crown): Soothing and reassuring.

  • ROMAN CHAMOMILE (Throat): Calming, helps find peace, and patience.

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