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Time to change it up: Spring is on the way

I think it’s a natural assumption that those of us who live half the year in winter, end up eagerly awaiting Spring’s warm rays by March. There is something so fresh and vibrant with possibility as we watch greys fade to light blues, and the snow melt into dampened soil. On a personal level, I feel more myself, ready and energized to look at my January visions more closely. While January brings me time to reflect and digest my goals, by March I have the energy to move forward with ease.

With all this energy, I’ve put together a few offerings for you. My Four Seasons boxes head out this month, and include a selection of seasonal products to support you in your wellbeing. You can purchase each individual box for $80 or receive one every season for $64 per box. To find out more about signing up and receiving your March box on the 15th, click here: Four Seasons Subscription Boxes



I am also excited to run my first Aromatherapy Basics Workshop for those who are ready to bring essential oils into their lives more fully. We begin online on March 22, with creating your own eco-friendly products and remedies. You’ll learn the properties of each essential oil in order to use them in your everyday wellness, healing, and aromatherapy. You’ll also receive several complimentary samples with the purchase of this workshop. To check out more about the course, head to my website for Aromatherapy Basics.

What I love most about sharing my tips and recipes is the impact I know I’m making on people’s health and wellbeing. Some of the most useful medicine today originates from our ancestors. As they once dried laundry on rosemary and lavender bushes, today we use these same oils to refresh our home and laundry. We utilize lemon in our homes to cut through pungent odours, and armour or tea tree oils to eliminate mold.

Sharing these recipes allows each of us to cut down on common household toxicity. Side effects of toxicity can look like headaches, low energy, brain fog, or even changes in breathing. A solution I love to encourage my clients to engage in is to increase the number of natural products and oxygen producing plants in your home to combat these toxins.



With Spring around the corner, our signature scent this month is Lavender. This is one of my all-time favourite smells to calm my nerves and clear my head. This scent can be so potent, it acts as a medicinal aid to burns, nullifies headaches, and soothes sore muscles by reducing inflammation. Head to my shop and receive this oil for 20% off until March 15th, and simply use the PROMO CODE: LAV20 at checkout. It’s a great idea to keep an eye on our discounts and top up your stock for the future.

Whatever this month holds for you personally, let it include a few upbeat additions to the way your home and energy feel. From a simple bed spray to a scented laundry detergent, there are so many ways to incorporate the benefits of oils in our homes to celebrate this season of rebirth.




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