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Wellness Tips for Flying: Why I Always Travel with Essential Oils

The holiday season is here, and travelling long haul comes with jet lag. Our circadian rhythm gets disturbed by quickly crossing time zones. And while it's temporary, it can put a damper on your time away. You may feel off or generally unwell. You may have trouble concentrating and difficulty sleeping. You may lose your appetite and get stomach aches. Not only do we deal with jet lag, but while travelling we may experience anxiety, swollen ankles, stiff backs, cramping, nausea, or sickness. As I return from a trip to Bali, I thought I’d share with you my wellness hacks to support my body and mind during and after my travels.

How To Reduce Jetlag

Essential oils can be a great natural way to keep your body balanced while travelling. Using essential oils such as Lavender, Palmarosa, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Frankincense, and our Fleur Roller Blend can help lower stress and get a few nights of solid sleep prior to departure.

Once You Arrive at your Destination

Continue to apply these tips & tricks even after your arrival:

  • Manage Sleep Time – Try to not sleep during the day and to go to bed when it's nighttime in your current time zone. You can bring a diffuser to make yourself comfortable in your hotel or guest room. Apply essential oils topically to your head, neck, and feet before going to sleep, or simply inhale one drop from the palm of your hand. Set an alarm to avoid oversleeping.

  • Drink Water, but Skip Alcohol – Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle and wears the body down. Instead, drink plenty of water!

  • Take a Warm Bath – Unwind with a hot bath before bedtime. Mix Lavender, Geranium or any other stress-relieving oils into Epsom salts. If you don’t have any on hand, use some regular table salt.

Dealing with Flying Anxiety

If you experience stress or fear when flying, essential oils can provide the comfort you need. I personally like something calming and grounding such as Frankincense, Lavender, Sweet Orange, or our Fleur Roller Blend. And if your children get cranky after a long flight, essential oils can work wonders! They often love the scent of citrus oils such as Orange, or Lavender.

Getting an Upset Stomach

Air travel sickness can be very unpleasant and aromatherapy can provide relief. Use Peppermint essential oil before flying by adding 5 drops to a carrier oil or cream and massaging on your stomach. Or inhale to help with nausea and reduce the chance of vomiting.

Having Swollen Feet and Ankles

Being dehydrated and sitting in a cramped seat for long periods can decrease your circulation, sometimes resulting in swollen feet and ankles. Geranium Essential Oil will be useful for this. And keep active by stretching and getting up to walk around the cabin.

Catching a Bug on an Airplane

Worried about catching that dreaded post-flight flu? Planes are breeding grounds for bacteria due to their germ-infested surfaces and air. I don't leave home without Saro essential oil or our immune-boosting Armour blend. Sweet Orange, Lemon, and Tea Tree also have powerful anti-viral properties. I add a few drops to a tissue to wipe the surfaces. Other passengers always love the smell. I also bring along our Hand Cleanser everywhere I go. It doesn't only smells delicious, but it's also highly effective!

Time to book your tickets, pack your essential oils, and enjoy your trip. Happy travels!

With love,


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