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Why Bali is a Magical Place for Healing

If you ever visited Bali before, you know that this little island has something very special to offer. It goes far beyond its beautiful culture, the abundance of fresh fruit, the spectacular landscape, and the smiling Balinese locals. There is something deeper there. There is a sense of spiritual awakening, inner connection, and intensity.

Image: Rebecca Amber

As I have just returned from Bali, I am still reminiscing about my trip. I had to give myself some time prior to writing this as I wanted to reflect and allow myself to land back. I felt so energized while in that paradise, but my time there also came with heavy emotions. I lost one of my best friends two days prior to leaving, along with a period of burnout, exhaustion, and depression. I travelled there solo, to take the time to sit with my emotions and to simply just be.

For so long I've tried to understand who I truly am. I've been wanting to come to terms with my past and grasp where I am going in this next chapter of my life.

As I am rolling towards my 40s, many questions are arising and my vision for life is slowly changing. I have learned to embrace the past, but now I have this next chapter to fill in. Recently, spirituality has become more important to me. I felt drawn to learn more and Bali was the right place to do so.

Yet it was more than just a tropical getaway. The island gave me a warm welcome for my spiritual journey and enveloped me in its beauty, energy, wisdom, and values. All of a sudden I felt alive again, with a new dose of energy I hadn't had in a long time.

Meeting my friend Ody opened a new world. He taught me so much about his culture, the people, and the traditions and he actually made me understand what slow living really meant. As I transitioned into a yoga retreat with my beautiful friend Nathalie, the daily yoga and meditation made me dive deeper. I got to know many other kind souls. Bali was truly a gift, the new experiences and people came along for a reason and taught me that life is mine to define. There is more than a path that we're expected to blindly follow. It is up to me to create the life I truly want for myself. I realized I had a lot of work to do!

As I learn more about the 7 chakras, I am connecting deeper with this energy. Chakras are energy centers that when aligned allow physical, mental and emotional balance. All 7 chakras are responsible for different functions in our bodies. Bali isn't just a pretty destination, but a well-known spiritual hub for self-discovery and energy cleansing. Most of the population is Hindu, a deeply rooted religion from the heart, nature and life itself. Besides its wonderful people, healers and land, it is part of the Ley Lines.

Just like we have our own energy center, the earth has its own energetic field, called the Ley Lines. Ley Lines are some sort of energetic points on the planet, known to carry high vibration. Ley lines often meet where sacred places and very active areas (like volcanoes) are located, known to have rich crystal deposits, electromagnetic deposits and volcanic material. Bali is known as an energetic vortex, formed by two large Ley lines, which excude a powerful rejuvenating and cleansing energy on the body and soul.

Learning all this about Bali and the science behind it makes it even more special and powerful. I never fell in love so deeply with a place, but this travel has sure allowed for lots of self-discovery and realization. The connection to the heart that Bali has created for me is so deep-rooted and triggered a burning desire to go back to connect even deeper. A big shift has occurred, now it's time to experience what is ahead. For me, Bali was the beginning of an all-new life. These memories will stay with me, just like those shells I found on those beautiful sandy coasts.

As much as you think you already know yourself, life evolves and new experiences bring fresh perspectives. The biggest obstacle is to allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone to do the things that truly feed your soul. There are lessons, experiences, and people that will come into your life for a reason. There will be new intentions and connections to the heart to be created so we can continue to evolve with the flow of life with grace, gratitude, and peace. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Much love,


Images: Rebecca Amber, Bali Wilderness, Ody Nugraha, Marie-Pier Dionne

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