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Aromatherapy basics workshop

Wouldn't you just love to know more about essential oils and how to use them safely? Whether you're hoping to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily life, make your own eco-friendly products, or find healing remedies, we offer a dynamic introductory workshop.

What is the course about?

On March 29th, this online workshop walks you through the main properties and qualities of each essential oil to use in your home for everyday wellness, healing, and aromatherapy. Receive complimentary oils samples with the purchase of this workshop. 

What we'll cover :

✔️ What essential oils are, their origin & the ways they can be produced

✔️ Aromatherapy & its history

✔️ The therapeutic benefits of essential oils

✔️ The background & benefits of the essential oils of sweet orange, lemon,  bergamot, lavender, peppermint, ravintsara, black spruce, palmarosa, roman chamomile & frankincense

✔️ Where & how long to store essential oils

✔️ Essential oil safety

✔️ Dermal applications & remedies for health issues

✔️ The human olfactory system & inhalation applications

✔️ Sustainability issues in the field of aromatherapy, quality & sourcing

Who is it for?

You may wonder if you're using essential oils properly, question how to safely incorporate essential oils around your pets and family, or have no idea where to start. Meanwhile, much of the information online is inaccurate and can be misleading. This is why I'm offering this expansive workshop for anyone wanting to learn or expand their knowledge on how to use essential oils safely and correctly. Suitable for beginners and no prior experience or knowledge of essential oils necessary. 

You'll walk away knowing:

✨What essential oils are, where they come from & their benefits

✨How they can help support your immune system

✨How they can help with emotional healing

✨How they can be part of your wellness routine

✨How to create environmentally friendly cleaning products

✨How to create healing recipes you can make from home.

See you in class!



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